The Latin Horns Club – en memoria


OWMCD 07-1

Salla de la Filharmonia Bogotá (Colombia)

en memoria
The Latin Horns Club

Rosny Portaccio (Colombia): vocals
Arturo Pantaleón (Mexico): french horn
Oscar Benavides Varón (Colombia): french horn, piano, tiples and electronic double bass
Ezequiel Mendoza Hernández (Mexico): french horn
Ulises Aragón Cerón (Mexico): french horn
Orlando Donado (Colombia): acc. double bass
Ricardo Montano (Colombia): guitarron and vihuela
Patrick Farrant (Germany): guitar
Cesar Zerrate (Colombia): percussion
Gabriel León (Colombia): percussion
Gernot Reetz (Germany): production, digital editing, mastering
Juan Guerra (Mexico): cover design

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en memoria

The Latin Horns Club

The Latin Horns Club, recorded at the Alterna Hall of the Philharmonic

Blending Classical, Traditional Colombian, Cuban, Mexican, Venezualian Music incl. Jazz and Popular influences in its most pure character