Catalin Ilea – J.S. Bach – Six Suites for Violon Cello


OWMCD 03-2

Siemensvilla Berlin (Germany)

J. S. Bach
6 Suites for Violon Cello

Catalin Ilea (Romania): v-cello
Gernot Reetz (Germany): production
Bent Rosenfeldt-Johansen (Denmark): recording engineer
Alain Wozniak (France): digital editing, mastering
Luminita Tudor (Romania): cover art
Katja Bode (Germany): cover design

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Six Suites for Violon Cello – Catalin Ilea

“…The interpretative conception of Bach´s oevre has often come under attack since. The vast range of different performances and recordings of the Six Suites for Cello Solo documents a rift between the emotional and the objective preformances.
Bach probably would not have been in favour of an emotional interpretation – this may be the case for posterity, but even today the emotional approach is regarded with scepticism.
Because there is no right or wrong in interpretating Bach, there can only be a reflected or instinctive approach to the music.
Exactly a century after the rediscovery and première of the Six Cello Suites by Casals, Catalin Ilea follows the interpretation style that was common in Bach´s era…”
(Excerpt from Booklet Text: Jörg Siepermann)



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