OWMCD 2021-1

recorded by Stan Michalak 2020-21

PARTiTA SENzA FiNE   completamente biodegradabili

Yola Wesołowska (Poland):   composition, keyboards, vocals, percussions, poetry, art work

Stan Michalak (Poland):         composition, arco bass, percussions,  electronics, recording, mixing

Gernot Reetz (Germany):       mastering, production


distributed by
the family of music

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PARTiTA SENzA FiNE   completamente biodegradabili

,,Yola and Stan believe the human body

Is a great symphony of sounds.

Each cell contains pulsating elements

and collective intervals that in individual relationships

create a composition full of personal meanings and symbols.

Intuitive approach to work,

listening to the body in need of creative communication

is a way of finding the music within one.

The music that Boethius called  Musica Humana.

Yola and Stan are a Twin Flame

and Musica Humana was ever present in their lives.

I am very grateful and cherish the opportunity

to work with them on Nameless

and be a co-creator of the play that transgresses dimensions,

asks so many pivotal questions about life,

rules and oppressions, apparent choices

and impossibility to break the cycle’’

Justyna Cwojdzińska (theatre practitioner)