In Search of the Phoenix – Ensemble Cosmopolitano


OWMCD 01-2

Siemensvilla Berlin (Germany)

In Search of the Phoenix
Ensemble Cosmopolitano

Arturo Pantaleon (Mexico): composer, fr. horn
William Michael (USA): conductor
Silvia Weiss (Germany): soprano
Jacqueline Mabardi (Australia): soprano
Dirk Kleinke (Germany): tenor
Alain Wozniak (France): clarinets
Elisabeth Böhm-Christl (Germany): bassoon
Jorgos Psirakis (Greece): ney-flute
Babu Alam (Pakistan): tablas
Gernot Reetz (Germany): production
Bent Rosenfeldt-Johansen (Denmark): recording engineer
Alain Wozniak (France): editing, mastering
Wieslaw Sadursky (Poland): cover art, cover design

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The music of the Ensemble Cosmopolitano Berlin

The Compositions of the Ensemble Cosmopolitano are based on the contemporary texts of the poets Dorothee Neserke, Maria Dolores Alanis and Michael J. Wewerka.

Composer Arturo Pantaleón takes us on a musical journey to the different thoughts, which will move a conscios and sensitive person. The remarkable instrumental cast of his works supplies this music with a totally new tone colour.
Due to the interesting combination of vocals, wind instruments and tablas, the composer not only intensifies the literary content of the poetic work, but forces the listener virtualy to imagine himself in the fantasies and experiences of the authors and really feel them.

A very lively recording at “Siemens Villa” in Berlin from 2001