Rough Ground – the Legacy trio


OWMCD 2012-1

one world music studio – Berlin (Germany)

Rough Groundthe Legacy trio

Shar´Ifa (USA): spoken word
Stanislav Michalak (Poland): c bass
Gernot Reetz (Germany): piano, production, digital editing, mastering
Sigurd Lang – fotocomposer (Germany): cover design
Sarah Methner (Germany): cover layout

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the Legacy

Piano. Bass. Voice.

the Legacy is a musical trio of contemporary artists from Poland, America and Germany.
In their music are the roots of Free Improvisation, European classical and African-American classical (Jazz). They bring fascinating improvisational musical patterns together with original lyrical story-telling, for a dramatic and stimulating experience!

The Voice, Sha Ifa… Her lyrics are the poetry of the reflective soul… Tales of a life lived… sparsely, yet filled with compassion – urban philosophy…
Her voice delivers melody, rhythm and warmth, moving freely with an ancient flow.

The Bass, Stan Michalak…
Making music that lives in the now, yet where each note bends with the richness of musical tradition…
Sounds that are pulled out of the atmosphere, vibrating with the energy of a bass line composed in the moment – that will last forever.

The Piano, Gernot Reetz…
Spontaneous composing, reflecting the purity of music…the purity of living…
His music shines with influences from the world’s great ethnic sounds, paying homage to the common creative source we all share.

Enjoy the movie and FEEL the LEGACY!