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owm-recording 1996

one world music studio – Berlin Germany 1996


Jacqueline Mabardi (Australia):                   soprano (French)
Alain Wozniak (France):                                 male voice
Jorgos Psirakis (Greece):                              ney flute
Eudinho Suares (Brasil):                                acc. and el. guitars
Kamalesh Maitra † (India):                            percussion – dhol
Gernot Reetz (Germany):                               composition, sounddesign, photos
Dorothe Neserke(Germany):                         poetry
Sigurd Lang † – fotocomposer(Germany): cover design

Poet Dorothe Neserke reflects deeply the Philosophy of beeing from a very spiritual point of view. How does our “Karma” influence our being and living. The road without return,
where does it takes us? – an unanswered question….

Composer/Pianist Gernot Reetz strives for the ambience of sound reflecting this Philosophy of searching with an ambient spiritual music and connects this beautiful poetry with the world of european/american music including improvisation.