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Mother Sea – মা সাগর – Mutter Meer

owm-recording 1996
Siemensvilla – Berlin Germany 1996

Mother Sea – মা সাগর – Mutter Meer

Mala Bose (Germany/India):                        spoken word
Jorgos Psirakis (Greece):                              ney flute
Kamalesh Maitra   (India):                            tablas
Laura Patchen (USA):                                    tanpura
Gernot Reetz (Germany):                              composition, piano, photographs
Santosh Kumar Brahma (India):                 poetry (Bengali)
Bent Rosenfeld-Johansen   (Denmark):    recording engineer
Alain Wozniak (France):                               digital editing, mastering
Sigurd Lang – fotocomposer (Germany):  cover design

Poet Santosh Kumar Brahma wrote about a young spouce beeing prepared for her wedding by her mother, about all the beauty of life with all its colourful sorroundings. She will dream about her future husband and is ancious about entering the next part of life.

Composer/Pianist Gernot Reetz receives the Bengali language as melody and rythm, just as music and connects this beautiful poetry with the world of indian and european music including improvisation.