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pour l´amour

owm-recording 2024

produced by one world music 2024

pour l ´amour

Gernot Reetz (Germany)     Piano, Recording, Mastering, Cover layout, Production
PaftDrunk (Brasil)                Image on Cover

The music was recorded on

Bösendorfer Imperial 290 « Ceus » (Vienna)


Bösendorfer 225 (Berlin)

This CD is dedicated to one special person, my twin flame

and furthermore to all humans who feel that “love” is the main energy in order to deal with each other,

on a personal plane as well as society-wise.

All who have realized that, will be without hate, envy, mistrust and war as their beneficial energy.

They would fail on a planet which has that beauty of mother earth surrounded by the cosmic powers in the universe.

All who will resonate in higher frequencies, will feel pure love.

All pieces are “Moments of life”, like snapshots of feelings and emotions

Gernot Reetz

February 2024