BEYOND – Cornelia Moore


OWMCD 03-1

Siemensvilla Berlin (Germany)

BEYOND – Cornelia Moore

Cornelia Moore (Germany): vocals and words
Reggie Moore (USA): piano
Mack Goldsbury (USA): soprano sax
Kevin Burell (USA): percussion
Gernot Reetz (Germany): production, digital editing, mastering
Bent Rosenfeldt-Johansen (Denmark): recording engineer
Wieslaw Sadurski (Poland): cover art, cover design

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Cornelia Moore

Singer songwriter Cornelia Moore presents her debut with a fulminant band.
A metamorphasis from pure music into states beyond words

“Cornelia Moore has discovered the voice that rested deep in
her soul. The individual inner voice has only one owner.
We follow her through the first trek of discovery into what will be surely a fruitful career.
Her compositions have power and reflect a burning desire to seek positive enlightenments from a perilous journey. Positive reflection being her intuitive response to the challenges of life´s circumstances.
We all have our bridges to cross.
Through these songs one can see our journey and a part of our loved ones, for only those who choose that their eyes and hearts be opened.”
(J.-P. Bourelly, 2002)

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