OWMCD 2023-3

produced by Stan Michalak and Gernot Reetz 2023

Yola Wesołowska – Yolassimo

Yola Wesołowska (Poland):          music, piano, keyboards, percussion, graphics, texts

Stan Michalak (Poland):               music, arabic lute (oud), upright bass (arco, pizz), dilruba

Gernot Reetz (Germany):            mastering, production

Uwe van Straten (Germany):     cover design (the family of music)

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the family of music

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Creative concept
and the creation process
should be built
in harmony where
striving and fulfillment
desire and achievement
they interact spontaneously
and at the same time.

There is no place in creativity
for later!

You become here and now!
A perfect ending
and true!