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produced by Lio J and Gernot Reetz 2022

composed and recorded by Lio J

mixed and mastered at one world music studio – Berlin Germany 2022


Lio J (Germany):                      composition, lyrics,  vocal, piano, recording, mixing, production, cover design
Corinna Jakoby (Germany):  violin
Gernot Reetz (Germany):       mixing, mastering, production

Lio J describes her song in the following:

When I was ten years old  I decided that I would like to achieve a childhood dream.
So I tried a few times, but it never worked out.
But then I realized that people I already knew before accomplished my childhood dream and I got a little bit jealous.
However by the time I felt my jealousy being quite funny I decided to write a song about it in a self ironic way – also to finally get rid of my childhood dream.