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original track produced by Paul Bernhard Engel and Gernot Reetz

new arrangement in 2022

recorded, mixed  and mastered at
one world music studio – Berlin Germany 2022


Sharifa Vernice Meytung (USA):     poetry, spoken word
Leta Davis (USA):                               vocals
Uta Fiedler-Reetz (Germany):          violin
Paul Bernhard Engel (Germany):    composition, percussion
Gernot Reetz (Germany):                  composition, keyboards, mastering, cover design

The project – TUNKASHILA – is derived from the mythology of the Lakota people, which advises us that everything is connected with the Creator (Grandfather).
This philosophy shines its light in the poem “We Look Up”, written by poet Sharifa Vernice Meytung.
We are urged here, as the people of planet earth, to live in peace and in harmony with one  another.
The song is based musically on a former track – “Conakry”, produced by Paul Bernhard Engel and Gernot Reetz, from the album “african soundscapes.”
Alongside  lyrics provided by Sharifa Vernice Meytung, jazz/soul/funk and gospel singer Leta Davis has infused her musical energy into this project.
Concert violinist Uta Fiedler-Reetz contributed her talent as well, lending the track a more traditional European classical aspect.
The fusion of the different souls on this project highlights the message in the music, that we are all connected to one another, just like the Lakota mythology teaches us.
In the spirit of this ancient wisdom, let us do all we can to save “Pachamama” otherwise known as “Mother Earth.”