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so wie alles immer war Lio J

produced by Lio J and Gernot Reetz 2023

composed and recorded by Lio J

mixed and mastered at one world music studio – Berlin Germany 2023

so wie alles immer war

Lio J (Germany):                      composition, lyrics,  vocal, piano, recording, mixing, production, cover design
Gernot Reetz (Germany):       mixing, mastering, production

“So wie alles immer war” ist ein Song über Zukunftsängste. Er beschreibt die Frustration
vieler junger Menschen, die etwas verändern wollen, aber das Gefühl haben, permanent
nicht gehört oder nicht ernst genommen zu werden.

“just like it has been as always” is a song about future fears. It describes the frustration of
many young people who would like to change something, but having the feeling of not being listened
to or taken seriously.

LioJ 2023



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